This has been one of the most transitional years of my life. For starters, it was our first full year in a new community and now for the first time in 15 years, we have a new church home. I know some of you dear friends can relate.

A loss of familiarity can be daunting if not straight up terrifying, even in the face of smiling and authentic people. Building community takes TIME. And what we envision as easy doesn’t always feel that way in the process. I’m learning over and over that that’s okay.

So, I made another bold baby step forward this morning by attending a ladies’ Christmas brunch and white elephant exchange. Truly, it was lovely. I sat across from a lady who was one of the church’s founding members with her husband almost 57 years ago. Wow, what history. I have a lot of respect for a person who’s leaned into Jesus and His people through hard times and the unending nature of change. I’d love to hear her stories.

I tasted food whipped up in someone’s kitchen, thoughtfully arranged with seasonal decor and lights. I appreciated the purposeful touch of hospitality in the table settings and in those cute little bags of chocolate at each place neatly labeled with the word “Joy”. And most of all, the warm welcome of the people I got to meet today.

I heard laughter and matched each laugh to a glowing face. I was too busy enjoying their fun to notice I had joined in the chuckles.

I heard stories of answered prayers, healing and salvation through trembling lips and wet eyes, the unforgettable look of a life and family so deeply touched by the goodness of the Father. 

They may not know me and I may not know them, but this spiritual connection we share as the body of Christ is something so real and beautiful. So, I’ll keep showing up. I’ll trust the Weaver of our stories to weave us together until none of us walk alone. I’ll embrace the process and the treasure of community one hello, one hug, one meal at a time. Like the oak tree hiding in the acorn, maybe a harvest of connection sits waiting inside our baby steps. Maybe our scared yeses are really seeds in disguise. 

 I’d really love to hear from you, what does community mean to you? What’s your story? I’d love nothing more than to read it. You can comment below or email me at

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