Can I be honest with you?

Even as I write this, I’m in the thick of the raw of life. This week, I struggled to help my child with sensory processing disorder, had disrupted sleep, overcame a fear and experienced a milestone victory, experienced deep personal hurt, and had a number of things not go as planned (Have I ever told you how much I love plans?). I bet if we sat down for coffee, we could talk for hours about countless decisions, the beautiful highs and the legitimately hard. We know all too well that when the waves come crashing in – in whatever form they come – an inspiring quote or the quick fix of man’s praise won’t cut it. I’ve often wished that I could hit pause on life so that I could process all the things going on in and around me, but yet, I’ve noticed that often my greatest sense of clarity in life and motherhood has been gained in the place where anchors mean the most – in a storm. Maybe our greatest storm is our greatest opportunity in disguise.

Seven Questions, Seven Anchoring Answers

For me, I’ve found that if I can posture my heart around truth, I can provoke my heart to the power and perspective of that truth in every season and situation. These seven questions have become my greatest allies in doing just that. After each question, I’ll let you in on some of my own personal dialogue with God around each one. One simple request: Let’s agree that comparison doesn’t have a place at our table. All of our journeys are sponsored and made possible by a constant supply of undeserved grace from God.

You’ll notice the first 4 questions heavily rely upon knowledge of Scripture. Since God’s Word is living and active, powerful in renewing our minds and leading us into victorious living, that’s where this anchoring starts. Don’t be overwhelmed though. I’ve created a free printable here with the 7 questions and several Scripture references under each question if you’re not sure where to start.

What do I know about God’s nature?

God, You are infinite. There is no lack in You. In all your nature, you are abundant without any “Jekyll or Hyde” propensities. Because of that, my heart is safe with You.

What does God think about me? Who does God say I am?

I am chosen by God and loved with an everlasting love. I am uniquely and wonderfully made by God. He knows and loves how I’m wired. He will supply all that I need to walk in who He’s created me to be.

What has the work of Christ accomplished?

I don’t have to strive for justification in my flesh or strain through good works to be good enough. Only Christ is “good enough” and He has won my freedom, which enables me to exchange my sin for Christ’s perfect record. I have become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. By God’s grace, I’m learning to live in the newness of Christ’s abundant life.

What does God desire for my family?

God desires for my family to flourish and grow together even as we grow in Him. He desires my home to be a place of sanctification, joy and a launch pad into the faith adventures God has already prepared for us. Where there’s pain, He desires to bring healing. Where there’s struggle, He wants to empower us to overcome. Where there’s weakness, He invites us to discover His strength.

What is God up to right now? In me, my family, and each respective member?

God is showing my husband and me what it looks like to take leaps of faith. God is challenging my scarcity mindset with the truth of abundance. Literally in every area of my life – finances, mothering a special needs child, homeschooling, ministry, writing – He is asking me to simply bring Him my little basket of loaves and fishes. There is no pressure to produce. Rather an invitation to offer my small to the One who multiplies it for man’s good and God’s glory.

My kids are in a time where Christ is becoming real to them in a new way. Their hearts will continue to be drawn to Christ and His Word as my husband and I live a thriving faith in front of them, pursue their hearts with intention and the love languages they crave, and invite them into who God created them to be through God’s Word and authentic Christian community.

How can I line my heart up with what’s on God’s heart for me and my family right now?

I can opt out of allowing cultural “shoulds” to shape my God-given agenda within my home and the life that flows out of it. I can steep my heart in God’s Word daily and protect time for reflection, journaling and listening to God’s voice.

What is the next practical step I can take to walk this out in faith?

I’ll lean on God’s wisdom to steward family rhythms, time, energy and relationships. I’ll discuss and pray about these areas with my husband and make key decisions together.

Don’t Miss This

The responses I shared were a big picture look I might need in any given week to overcome overwhelm, encourage myself about what God is doing in my family or reaffirm my priorities. I recently used this same type of dialogue to settle on a decision regarding one of my kids that had been weighing on me for months. In that case, I prayed through these anchoring points for a few weeks with this specific decision in mind. The truth of God’s Word helped me silence the swirl of outside opinions and set the stage for the peaceful clarity God was so faithful to bring as I sought Him.

It’s not a formula. I hope you find this to be a simple and helpful tool to tether your heart to the power of God’s Word. Because what we all want is to grow in our relationship with God even as we navigate all the stuff of life and motherhood. With practice, this type of dialogue becomes part of the fabric of how we process life. Because of this life-giving practice, by God’s strength, I was able to forgive someone who wounded me, love them with the love of God and receive the healing my own heart needed in the process. It’s true: Life is messy. What is more true? God is good.

I’m making a fresh commitment to keep posturing my heart around God’s truth no matter what. Will you join me?

Again, here’s the free printable if you’d like to use it for further study. I’d LOVE to hear from you. How has or is God helping you navigate life and motherhood?

Lastly, if you have a prayer request, I’d love to pray for you. I invite you to reach out via email at I promise that I will respond and that I will pray. I look forward to connecting!


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