You know the feeling. Name your place. Name your memory. When the ordinary, the mundane, the hustle is overtaken by a shiver of the bittersweet. When you remember that your story has not been without adversaries, without valleys or without pain.

A twinge of pain eclipses an unsuspecting moment and I find myself for that second swimming in the history of my life that I never would have chosen if given the choice.

My eyes burn, and I hope the kids don’t notice my glazed disposition as the storms I’ve weathered swirl by to say hello. The hidden mountains of my heart have made their mark on me, and though I walk with a limp, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thank you, God, for the lonely years that taught me to seek out the one.

Thank you for the rejection and misunderstandings. I’ve learned that I am known and loved by you.

Thank you for the broken. I fell on my face and found you there.

Thank you for the failures. They are starting to look more like rising points than sentences of finality.

Thank you for the tears. I’ve given myself permission to release emotion that was never meant to be imprisoned deep within.

Thank you for the lean years. We’ve lived beyond the worry and into side-splitting laughter just because You are good and we are in this together.

Thank you for the plans I didn’t see coming. Though I’ve entered unforeseen seasons with admitted trepidation, it’s clear You know what you’re doing, and You are leading us well.

Thank you for the times I sat with a friend and felt helpless to fix their situation. I’ve been reminded that You alone are Savior and sometimes my best gift is just a listening ear.

Thank you for the quiet longing that hums in my soul in a crowd of people. It reminds me that my heart is only fully satisfied in You.

Thank you for all the times a song I knew couldn’t cut it. My deepest sorrows have released the unchained melodies that became the very healing balm I needed.

Thank you for all the unknowns. Every day is right on target when it starts with my “yes” to You.

Thank you for the losses. I’m learning what it means to live with my heart wide and my hands open.

Thank you for all the days when I feel in over my head. I would not have known the power of your grace if it weren’t for the poverty of my ability.

Today, I offer this unorthodox thank you for all the out of the box ways you’ve poured into my life. On my darkest day, in my greatest need, I’m rich for Your love and a daughter freely Yours. And I’m forever grateful.


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