Meet Hannah

You’re all about cultivating home. Tell us about your family.

This guy on the left is Ty. We first met when I was a teenager, because we were involved in some of the same youth outreach and mission trips. We ended up serving together a lot over several years and eventually became the best of friends. We had an unforeseen light-bulb moment in 2003, essentially “Duh, I can’t believe I couldn’t see this before now. We are meant to do life together.”  So we got hitched in 2005 and I would do it again a thousand times over. He’s my best friend and my most treasured comrade in life.

My People & My Greatest Adventure

Since then, we’ve been blessed with three precious and lively children. Together, these guys are my greatest adventure.

What does life look like for you right now? What are the sweetest and hardest things about this season?

Our family is in the middle of a move from city to country life. I’ve wanted a garden and room to roam in nature for years, so we could not be more grateful for this home. That being said, we’ve never owned land so we are getting “schooled.” I also home school my children so that is a big part of our time, and I love it. (Let it be known that I did not always plan to do that, but God had other plans. He’s sneaky like that. I may share more on that story later.)

Hard stuff: My son was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder almost 2 years ago. At that time, his disorder was severe and our family was in crisis. (You can read the story here.) He has come a very long way, but being the mother of 3 busy kiddos, one of which has some extra challenges, keeps me humble and leaning on Christ for sure.

Okay, now give us the scoop. What are you into? We want trivia and confessions.

Fun fact: When I met Ty, I was 14. We didn’t become friends until 4 years later, but I distinctly remember thinking “That is one cool last name!” So the joke is that I married him for his cool name.

I could live on Tex-Mex. I love books (mostly non-fiction), because I’m a nerd and always in research mode. I’d choose to live in a long baggy sweater with leggings as the all-occasion outfit of choice if the weather and wardrobe afforded it.

Confession: My kids don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. After lots of experimentation, I created a killer smoothie recipe that gets them 4 or more servings in one glass. (Come on. Every victory counts! Can I get a witness?)

Those close to me know I’m extremely silly and have been known to get just a tad slap happy after a certain hour. And for me, there’s not a whole lot better than sitting down with hot coffee and a dear friend to chat about life, love, the goodness of God, and all the crazy stuff in between.

Beautiful, Dirty Toes Because Life is Both Precious and Messy

Why are you so passionate about this idea of cultivating a home from the inside out?

As mothers, duty calls daily and we can’t pause all of our responsibilities. However, if I ignore this inner world of my spirit and soul, I will struggle with these outside works as a performance or a grasp for control, rather than the practice of a healthy soul.

As one who’s been in youth group or church leadership capacity for the last 20 years, I’ve faced heartbreak, eating dysfunction & bulimia, addiction, financial struggle and motherhood challenges just to name a few. I knew a lot of scriptures. I could lead mission trips abroad. But I felt ill-equipped for dealing with what life was throwing at me. My experience told me that I was not safe being honest about my heart’s condition. I accepted a lie of shame that yelled, “You should be beyond this struggle.” I struggled with my inner life even as I tried to do all the right things on the outside. God is concerned with our hearts. The reality is that we are all in process. We must be those who “stay current” with what’s going on in the inside of us. Jesus has liberated us from a performance-driven life.

Although God sprinkled my life with men and women who spoke truth into my life from afar, I often wished that someone would grab hold of me and show me how to live in the tension of the messiness and brokenness of life while still engaging in great and hopeful purpose beyond me. I’m passionate about sharing how to access the power of God’s word and engage in gritty exchange with Him, which changes everything about the way we see, experience joy and bravely move forward. I want this to be a place where every woman, whether she’s married, a single mom, a young or seasoned believer can know that we’ll never outgrow tending to these hearts of ours.

Though our journeys look different, we are all pieces of God’s story and we share that together. We don’t need to walk this journey alone.


Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear about you!